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nothing  What you get from us...
Flexible Hose  Adapters  White tube  Rubber seal  Converter 
Flexible Hoses
7/8"x3/8" and 1/2"x3/8"
(2) Adapters with emergency shut valve 10' White tube (3) Rubber seal (2) 1/2" Converter
nothing  What you might additionally need...
Teflon Tape  Screw Driver  Wrench  Cutter  Compression Fitting  Velcro Tape (optional) 
Teflon Tape Screw Driver Wrench Cutter Compression Fitting Velcro Tape
nothing  First things first.
Locate hot water source and make sure supplied 10 feet of white tube is enough to connect both hot and cold water to Tamiz-Bidet.
Should you need extra length of tube, contact customer service or distributor in you area for immediate supply. Compression fitting is not standard supply. Be sure to have it before cutting pipe.
finished installation  Cold water connection:
We will get cold water from the pipe connected under the Toilet tank.
1 - Shut cold water valve to tank.
2 - Unscrew th pipe from the tank. If pipe is not flexible or old replace with the suplied flexible pipe.
3 - Insert the plastic adaptor between the pipe and the tank.
4 - Cut enough white tube (supplied) and connect the adaptor to the bidet cold water side (black) connection.

Hot water connection:
Hot water will be taken from hot water supply under the sink.
1 - Shut hot water valve under the sink.
2 - Unscrew the hot pipe from valve. If pipe is not flexible or old replace with the supplied flexible pipe.
3 - Install the metal adaptor between vale and flexible pipe.
     Do not forget rubber sealer which go between the adaptor and the flexible pipe

  • Open hot water valve and check for leaks.
  • Open cold valve and adaptor vale and check for leaks.

  • Tamiz 250 will not function if there is no hot water (hot water valve or hot Temperature control on the unit is closed).
  • If you do not have access to hot water, to operate the system you need to connect Hot and Cold water via a T-adaptor (not supplied) to cold water.
  • There are two flexible pipes with different lengths, you may check which one is suitable for cold or hot water depending on your toilet installation.
  • If your toilet is not standard, you can easily get the required minor parts from your local hardware stores.